Where Are Your Products Made?
Our products are handmade in our home studio located in Hartley NSW, Australia.

What are your order processing times? 
Sweet As Mae makes to order most products, this timeframe is 4-7 days depending on when your order is placed. Due managing our small business around a young family and demand during peak times our timeframes can change - any changes to the above will be listed on our main page and on your order confirmation. 

Do You Use Aussie Products?  
All our supplies come from Australian suppliers, we endeavor to source Australian made from Australian owned and run companies, Many of our suppliers are small businesses or family owned and run. 

What is Tunneling?
Tunneling occurs when a candle hasn't burnt to the outer edge of the jar or reaches a "Full melt pool". Soy wax creates a memory, so if your candle doesn't burn to the outer edge it will only ever burn to the same point as the first burn, therefore, it will create a tunnel.q
Leaving wax on the outer edges of the jar will reduce the overall burn time dramatically,  A correctly wicked and burnt candle will leave the jar 'Clean' no to minimal wax on the sides.
Left Is a tunneled candle, Right is a clean burnt candle.

What should I do if my order is damaged in transit?
Unfortunately this happens from time to time despite extreme care is taken to pack each order, please contact us as soon as you can after receiving the order, include photos if possible and we will review and organise a replacement or refund. We do request that you contact within 5 business days of receiving the damage goods to ensure a timely replacement/ refund process.